Previously known as the Woody junior, Our Sparkle tent is one of our best sellers!  This small tent is extremely versatile and can be set up and taken down within a couple of hours.  With options of two twin beds or one queen bed, this sleeper tent is great for festivals, hunting cabins, and more!

Bringing you closer to nature, without sacrificing the amenities of a hotel.

Sparkle Comes In Two Designs

The Woody Junior is one of our best sellers!  For good reason too.  This small tent measures 8 ft by 10 ft on the inside however comes optional with an extended frame offering a nice covered porch!

Compact & Comfortable

The Sparkle comes with either two twin beds or one queen bed.  Either way, you’re experiencing nature with a nice comfortable bed to relax in after all your adventures!

Perfect For Kids

Many of our customers will pair the Sparkle with another model, such as the Dreamer pictured here.  This allows the adults and kids to have their own tents.  Everybody wins!

Sparkle Floor Plans

Tent Masters_Woody Junior_Floor Plan


Total Surface: 160 (Extended), 96 (standard) ft²
Inner Tent Dimensions: 8 ft x 10 ft = 80 ft²
Suitable for 2 people

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