Previously known as the Luxury Lodge, This tent is Luxurious, unique, and built for the outdoors.  The Dreamer 40 and the Dreamer 49 will not disappoint!  Come experience nature in a glamorous fashion!

Bringing you closer to nature, without sacrificing the amenities of a hotel.

Integrated Bar Design

This tent features an optional fold down bar.  Allowing your guests to sit on the bar stools and enjoy a martini while sitting comfortable on the patio.

Two Floor Plans

This spacious unit comes with two separate floor plans – The Dreamer 40 and the Dreamer 49.  All of the walls are freestanding and highly customizable.

Luxurious & Built For The Outdoors

The Dreamer allows you to experience nature and the outdoors all within the comfort of home.  This fully equipped unit is a fan favorite!

Dreamer Floor Plans

Tent Masters_Luxury Lodge49_Floor Plan

Dreamer 49

Total Surface: 689 ft²
Innertent Dimensions: 29.5 ft x 17.7 ft = 527 ft²
Suitable for 6-8 people
Including a 161.5 ft² porch

Tent Masters_Luxury Lodge40__Floor Plan

Dreamer 40

Total Surface: 592 ft²
Inner Tent Dimensions: 24.6 ft x 17.7 ft = 430 ft²
Suitable for 4-6 people
Including a 161.5 ft² porch

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