Vineyard photo by Sven Wilhelm

Vineyards and Glamping – A Magical Match

Do you have visitors to your vineyard? Would you like to increase your income? Then offer those visitors something new. Provide your guests with the option to have a luxurious night stay in your beautiful surroundings. Your guests can spend their day relaxing and sampling your wines without the worry of having to drive back home.

Glamping – Enabling Hotels to Reach a New Market

Glamping is an established trend and is greatly popular among holidaymakers. Glamping accommodation is not restricted to only campsites. Other areas, such as agritourism sites, have made beneficial use of glamping. Hotels are beginning to recognize glamping’s versatility. Hotels are starting to see that they can enhance their business by adding luxury safari tents.

Safari Tent - Glamping Kitchen

Four Reasons Why You Should Choose Safari Tents Over Mobile Homes

Many campsite owners struggle with the decision between safari tents and mobile homes. But, more and more campsite owners are making the choice of safari tents. These owners are offering glamping accommodation to attract more guests. We agree with that choice and think it’s the best decision. Here are four reasons why we do.

Glamping Restaurant

Enhance Your Campsite with a Restaurant

The experience factor is becoming increasingly more important in the search for a memorable holiday. Potential guests want a holiday that will provide them with positive lasting memories. A key component of the holiday experience, besides luxurious safari tents, is fine food and wine. Combining a restaurant with a campsite has proven to be a winning combination.