The Aurora, previously known as the Gotland, is another one of our newer flagship models!  This very large tent has 3 smaller tents underneath its giant canopy and is designed for couples.  With two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a very large kitchen and dining area, this tent is perfect for couple’s getaways!

Bringing you closer to nature, without sacrificing the amenities of a hotel.

Designed For Couples

The Aurora has two large master bedrooms each with their own private bathroom.  With a very large dining area in the center, this tent is perfect for couples wishing to experience the outdoors in a five star manner!

Unique & Satisfying

The Aurora, along with the Supernova, are very unique in their design and both models are designed with the highest luxuries in mind.  With a huge kitchen and full range, this tent comes fully equipped!

Luxurious & Built For The Outdoors

Five star living in an outdoor environment is the definition of the Aurora!  This unique design is very open and does great in warm temperament environments.  This allows you to always have an abundance of fresh air without sacrificing the comforts of a hotel.

Aurora Floor Plan

Tent Masters_Gotland Family House_Floor Plan_Top View


Total Surface: 1162 ft²
Inner Tent Dimensions: 796.5 ft²
Suitable for 4 people
Including a 376.8 ft² porch

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